3 Ways To Recruit Successfully During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again! For recruiters, this time of the year usually equates to a slower time for hiring. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to relax until the new year—it’s actually quite the opposite. You can spend this holiday season focusing on recruiting efforts that don’t make up your daily list of tasks. The holidays are busy as is, so the retained search will save you that much more time, money, and resources. Listed below are five ways you can continue recruiting successfully throughout the holiday season!

1. Patterns in Talent Needs

Recruiters and hiring managers have gotten very good at collecting data. Now is the perfect time to use it! Look back at the statistics you’ve collected over the year and identify patterns. Look at what quarter the executive search agency hired most for sales. Take note about how often an IT or marketing position shows up. There may be a consistency in the time of year when that role opens. Use this time to evaluate this past year’s efforts. Identify what has worked for you over the course of the year and what hasn’t. Understanding the patterns in your open requisitions will help you better prepare to fill those roles next year.


2. Update Your Job Descriptions

During the hustle and bustle that occurs during most of the year, it’s easy to pass over the most important piece of candidate communication: the job description. Use the extra time you have in the day to improve this critical foundation. Look over all the job descriptions you currently use. Retained search firms must communicate an honest representation of the job whilst understanding the requirements demanded by manufacturing organizations. This exercise should be done often because it will improve the quality of applicants and improve employee retention over the long run.


3. Make Goals for the New Year

The fact is if you want to achieve better results, you need to create a plan to get there. Whether you want to update your career site or write better job descriptions, make the goals tangible. Doing so will help make reaching those objectives even more feasible. We know the holiday season can be a painfully slow time for executive recruiters and employers alike. Use this time to assess your previous efforts, predict your future talent needs, update job descriptions, and make goals for the new year. We know you’ll find that your recruiting and your future candidates will improve because of it.






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