6 Reasons To Work In Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a growing field in the United States right now, and a great place to look for work. There are a plethora of reasons to consider going into Manufacturing. Here are six of them right here.

Economic Growth

Manufacturing helps supports both global economies, families and individuals. Research shows that a strong manufacturing environment keeps the economy strong. Research also shows that manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect of any major sector.

Innovative Technology

Manufacturing has always been on the cutting edge of technology. 3D printers, drones, and electric cars are just a few examples of manufacturing companies being ahead of the curve in technology


There is a myth that working in manufacturing is unsafe. Safety standards and technology have come a long way. Along with new technological innovations, the manufacturing sector has continued to be on the forefront of safety enhancements and practices in the workplace. This has led to specific positions being created that just focus on safety in the workplace, both in manufacturing processes, and environmental safety. We are working smarter and safer, than ever before.

Career Path

Manufacturing is not just fabrication and welding, but a variety of other positions, such as Engineering. Automation has taken a lot of the dangerous, repetitive work away from the factory floor, leaving many specialized tasks behind for talented individuals. As the baby boomers retire, there are opportunities in leadership, as well as opportunities in sales, business development, marketing, product research and development, and HR. Manufacturing can provide stability and life-long career paths.


Most Manufacturing Sectors offer competitive pay and benefit packages. A higher percentage of workers in manufacturing have superior retirement plans when compared with other private sector companies.

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